Philly Veg Dining Guide Launch

Cocktails + Quinoa


Last night I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone. I went to a party where I didn’t know anyone. I knew some twitter handles, but that was about it. The shindig at Tattooed Mom’s for the launch of the Philly Veg Dining Guide was set to start at 7 so I aimed to get there shortly thereafter. I even arrived a bit earlier than I wanted to, about 7:10 and considered dilly-dallying around South Street for a bit to kill time. I ended up going right in and was shocked by just how many people were already there! Veg-heads sure are timely!

Unfortunately, I can’t say that I had the chance to have much of the food. I’m currently keeping Passover and many of the food options came on a bun or crust. However, I did have AMAZING gluten-free papaya pasta salad and sushi from Pure Fare [

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Documentary Junkie

doc love collage

When my husband and I were dating, we’d go to the movies constantly — two or three times a week wasn’t uncommon for us. We had few responsibilities and lots of expendable income and it was something we enjoyed doing together. Plus, on Tuesday nights, we got free popcorn at our local theater, and how could anyone resist that?! His mom used to call us Siskel & Ebert since we saw just about anything and everything that came out in theaters and people would always ask us for recommendations about what was worth seeing. These days, though, I’m just not that into movies anymore. I feel like I’ve taken steps backwards, in terms of my attention span — I just can’t seem to sit still for long enough to watch something that might make me laugh or cry or think, but more likely than not, will leave me saying to myself, “what…

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